Dr. K. Venkataramanan, PhD (Director – Projects & Programs)

K VenkataramananA Docotorate in Management, Post Graduate in Commerce, Business Management, Cost Accounting, Hospital Administration & Import Export Management he has over 25 years experience in various industries and has been associated with Bhaktivedanta Hospital since 1997. However, he has been actively involved in strategic planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of various projects & programs in Share Your Care since 2005.

Mr. G. Venkatraman (Manager – Projects and Resources)

G VenkatramanA graduate with 35 years of experience in materials and product development in various corporates, he has worked with reputed NGO's for children having presence all over India for resource mobilization for various of their projects in the western region. He is now with Share Your Care managing & mobilizing resources for various of our projects & programs since past 2 years.

Mr. Prashant Danait

Prashant DanaitA B.Sc (Mathematics) graduate with over 28 years experience with Diners Club International and Lufthansa Airlines. He has traveled extensively & held several leadership roles at overseas locations. He is now with Share Your Care managing & supporting various projects and corporate donors since past 2 years.