Srila Prabhupadas Brand by Mathura Kisor Dasa

Recently the congregation from CBD Belapur (a suburb of Mumbai) began harinama-sankirtana after the weekly evening program.  I was ecstatic as book distribution becomes easier during the harinama-sankirtana. But the first day I was thinking, “Will it be a good idea as it is already 8 pm and people are in mode of ignorance? Will anyone take books now?”

I heard my heart’s voice, “Try to serve Srila Prabhupada.” I fought hard to overcome the lethargy and fear and prayed to Srila Prabhupada, “Please take me to people who are waiting for your books.” The next hour did lead me to some needy ones.

Three young men in their late twenties were chit-chatting oblivious to the world as I approached them. One of them was drunk but I could not make out who it was as they were all quite balanced. I handed one Laws of Nature to one of them and started telling about the book. Other fellow interrupted me, “Have you heard of Alcoholism to Non-alcoholism?”

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