Our yearly expenditure $100,000. The Bhaktivedanta Hospital began providing these free cataract operations in 1991 & this year we hope to reach 1000 surgeries. Responding to the increased need, we have expanded our efforts and practically doubled the surgeries every year. Available surgery sponsorships for your kind consideration:

  • Sponsor 5 Cataract Surgeries for $400.
  • Sponsor 11 Cataract Surgeries for $880.
  • Sponsor 21 Cataract Surgeries for $1680.
  • Sponsor 51 Cataract Surgeries for $4080.
  • Sponsor 108 Cataract Surgeries for $8640.

Send your donation and give eyesight to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. A small gift from you will save the eyesight of a person who will otherwise be blind. Consider a one-time donation or commit to a monthly contribution.

As you travel to the most interior areas of Brajabhoomi, there are no proper facilities. Bhaktivedanta Hospital is forced to lease simple Dharmashalas to provide our Eye Camp Services. In order to meet the required high standards of hygiene we must spend a major portion of our resource s s imply converting one of these Dharmashalas into a suitable operating theater.

By the grace of Srimati Radharani, and due to the diligence and dedication of the hospital’s doctors and staff, all of the operations performed in the past years at the Eye Camps have been successful. The 12 latest newspaper clippings images are uploaded in the Press Reports Gallery.

For more details on all Services contact us.

THIS WILL ONLY BE POSSIBLE WITH YOUR HELP Please don’t hesitate. If we all do our share, the goal will certainly be reached.

Donate: Mail your checks favoring: Share Your Care to the following address. All donations are tax deductible – Tax# 56-2340917.

Share Your Care Inc.
PO Box 13353, Pittsburgh, PA 15243.
Phone: 412-567-5225.




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