Lord Caitanya wants His followers to preach in every town and village. He wants us to preach and preaching has many opportunities and there are many avenues for preaching. So Lord Nityananda and Haridas Thakura were a team and They knew that Lord Caitanya is none other than the Supreme Lord.

Haridas Thakura was living in Santipura along with Advaita Acarya who was worshiping a Salagrama-sila and they were praying. What was that prayer? Oh Lord! please appear in this world to deliver the fallen conditioned souls. Then the Lord appeared as Caitanya Mahaprabhu along with Nityananda Prabhu. Lord Nityananda was 12 years older than Lord Caitanya. And Nityananda is the incarnation of power. Nityananda means-‘nitya’ and ‘ananda’. Ananda means happiness, nitya means eternal. So anyone who takes shelter of Lord Nityananda, he experiences unlimited happiness.

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