Vrindavan Hospice aims to prepare devotees to leave their body in the most holy abode of Sri Vrindavan. A hospice after all affirms life and regards dying as an inevitable part of the circle of life – neither hastening nor postponing death, but merely facilitating our departure in a dignified, spiritual environment.


Alleviate pain and case the discomfort of physical symptoms also known as palliative care.

Designed to provide care for people in the final stages of a terminal illness, our hospice enlists the sturdy yet comfortable aid of the holistic approach. Thus, addressing the pain,distress and fear encountered by an ailing individual is our foremost objective.

Provide Skilled Nursing Attention

Personalized services is the foundation upon which we build our premise.Skilled and capable medical care goes a long way in helping an individual bound to death and limited by life.In this time of need, it is but our ultimate goal to honor their decisions and choices, thus giving them the emotional and spiritual support they desire. Combined with professional advice you can trust, it becomes only natural that you are back in the cradle from your infant years.

Assit and support the family on a physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual level

Care and counselling goes beyond the person in his last stages, to embrace the family that goes through the same tramuas thrust upon the individual. This type of care provides the patients family with a route to go beyond the physical realities of an advanced conditiion and deal with important emotional and spiritual issues. Simply because,in the end every moment spent together is a precious and infinite memory.


  • Services offered to all who comes to us.
  • Objective is to provide them warmth, comfort and solace by creating a home setting.


A corps of qualified and proficient volunteers will be available to lend a helping hand and a patient, compassionate ear. Eight private suites will allow families the privacy of their own living quarters,the use of a kitchen, shower facilities and restrooms Devotees on their last leg of thier sojourn and their community areas,reflect quietly in a meditation room or enjoy fresh air on the outdoor patio/roof garden. Mentioned below is a list of services that you can find at your door step.

1. How Health Aid Services
(Even available for local brajawasis).
2. Pharamacy and Laboratory Services.
3. Grief Conselling.
4. Physical and Occupational Theraphy.
5. Pain Management.
6. Nutritional Counselling.
7. Spiritual Support and Counselling.
8. Transportation Services to Inpatient Unit.

In additional , our hospice personnel (as well as volunteers)specially trained to help families of different ethnic groups and faiths speak a variety of languages, thus lending a little more warmth to a harsh circumstance.


The new hospice will be a home, where families and friends are welcome, amenities planned around the unique needs of patients,and where the quality if life is our main focus;but to say that the hospice is a organization that takes care only of the terminally ill is a kind of understatment…… an injustice of sorts.It extends its unwavering support to the entire family.

Before we ask for your benevolence, we would like to share our thoughts with you. After all, it is only with your blessing that our wish will become your reality. The sites choosen for the hallowed foundation of the 'Vrindavan Hospice' is situated near Parikrama Marg of Braja Mandal. As we have foreseen, apart from funds expanded on construting our blueprint, the capital raised will go towards the overheads and the daily functioning of our home for everyone. A corpus fund will be exclusively allocated to service the poor and the needy in and around Vrindavan for whom the basic cost of $20 proves to be a simply unattainable dream.

This is where we request you to enlist your support to our cause. In turn, we promise you that the spirit of your each contribution will live on…making a difference to every precious minute of someone who is trying to race against time. Tax-deductable in India, USA, and UK, your contribution could be a memorial, a designated gift or any other bequest, the choice is yours Oppurtunities range from sponsoring an entire hospice suite to multi-year pledges, to smaller one-time contributions.