Kunti Devi, Govardhan
Kunti Devi Barasana Eye Camp She said smilingly before discharge "Khoop badiya seva ki hai aap logo ne, ab mai apne poto ko fir se dhek sakti hoon." (You all have rendered such an amazing service. Now I can see my grand children once again.)
Kishor Jhat, Koshi
Kishore Jhat Barasana Eye CampHe could not work the fields because he had bad vision due to cataract.  Now that his vision is normal, 70year old Kishor said "Mai khush hoon kuynke mai vapas khet mai kaam karpaunga" (I’m happy because I will be able to work in my fields again.)
Susan Bauer, USA
Susan Bauer Barasana Eye Camp“Barsana Eye Camp is an opportunity to understand the depth of character of the simple Brijbaasi village farmers and women who may be poor & illiterate but are wise, happy & deeply devotional. It is both a privilege and an honor to serve both the locals and the staff of Bhaktivedanta Hospital to open my eyes to a deeper perspective of the art of giving and receiving. When I see the service being rendered at Barsana by the staff and Volunteers, I feel like staying and supporting them forever by being at Barsana.
Sue Sonitra, UK
Sue Sonitra Barasna Eye Camp“I had the fortune of visiting Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai last year and truly got impressed. This year I attended the Barsana annual camp in 2012. I could see the same level of care, compassion & professionalism even in a camp setup. I feel truly blessed. I will spread the word to my friends, colleagues and other back in the UK and South Africa. I wish every nurse and doctor to come and have this unique experience”